The Advanced Technology Training Centre Kemaman, or its abbreviation ADTEC Kemaman, was established under the administration of the Manpower Department in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia. This training centre is located approximately 22.5 km from the town of Chukai. It was built on a 100-acre land in Kemasik, Terengganu. ADTEC Kemaman was fully completed in 2010. Overall, ADTEC Kemaman is a federal government agency aimed to provide a formal technical training to the industrial sector workforce and youths who have attained certification thus enabling them to develop their skills especially in the field of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical.

In line with its vision to be a leading institution to develop competitive human resource, ADTEC Kemaman has surged forth to fulfill its mission to produce a skilled workforce which is competitive in this global era.



  • To produce skilled manpower to meet the needs of the country’s industrial sector
  • To increase the skills of industry workers to enable them to contribute effectively towards the development of the country
  • To assist school leavers’ employability by equipping them with systematic industrial skills training


To become the leading organization in developing a competitive workforce


To produce competitive workforce



Director of ADTEC Kemaman


First of all, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the lecturers and staff of Advanced Technology Training Centre (ADTEC) Kemaman. Congratulations and thanks to all those involved in the web development that has succeeded in providing a platform of reference to visitors about the programs and activities held in ADTEC Kemaman. As an institution of training and learning, we play a role in producing skilled manpower to meet the needs of the industrial sector of the country. ADTEC Kemaman is committed to ensure that all information related to the training programs can be delivered quickly, accurately and effectively, and at the same time strengthen the conduct of training programs in accordance with the latest technology. Therefore, any form of cooperation is greatly welcomed and I hope so that we can work together, hand in hand, in order to ensure the success of the country’s Transformation Agenda and at the same time, allowing ADTEC Kemaman to exist as a great and competitive training institution.

Thank you.

  • Settling all the bills claim payment within 7 days from the date of receiving complete documents.
  • Confirming receipt of the complaint within 24 hours and respond to complaints within 7 working days.
  • Pay pocket allowance to eligible students no later than the 10th of the following month.
  • Distribute the results slip for each student within 2 weeks after the last meeting of the subcommittee of the examination and certification.
  • Making sure every customer at the counter will be attended to within 15 minutes.


Advanced Technology Training Center (ADTEC) Kemaman

Manpower Department

Name : Mohd Zabidin Bin Abd Samad
Position : Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Telephone : 06-5527227
Fax : 06-5527231
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